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Información general.

Be careful

A few things to consider before taking the exam.

Some links

Information from trustable websites can be found here.

About the exam

Parts of the exam, duration, description, and maximun scores.

  1. Understand the TOEFL Exam fundamentals
    Before you decide how to prepare for the TOEFL , learn all you can about the exam. Research the test structure, topics, and exam guidelines. Figure out how others have prepared so you can identify available resources and common test pitfalls.
  2. Be careful where you study
    Of course, you have to be sure you are studying in a trustworthy place. Inform yourself about places that you are looking at, also about us here at English4U. The links to our social sites are mentioned below.  
  • TOEFL en Wikipedia
    Lee la información objetivo sobre TOEFL en wikipedia, es buena manera para tu primera orientación. 
  • ETS official website
    Aquí encuentras al información oficial del TOEFL

The parts of the TOEFL exam

SectionOrder TimeQuestionsPoints Details
Reading160 min3930Answer questions about 3 reading passages
Listening260 min3430Listen to 5 to 7 audios and answer questions about what you've heard
Break310 min
Speaking420 min4 tasks30Answer 4 questions about a subject or about text you've read and
audio you've heard
Writing550 min2 tasks30Write one opinion essay and one short essay answering a question
about a text with accompanying audio
Total4 hours120